Two weeks before festival

Mid Autumn, is time for the Mid-Autumn Festival in Hong Kong.

It is a traditional Chinese festival.  The whole family will join together to have dinner.

Last Sunday, when I went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner, it already offered special menu for festival.  That means choice of food was limited.

I did not like that.  I prefer restaurant to inform guest that they only offered special menu, so that guest could choose whether they want to have dinner at that place.

It seems odd to walk away from a restaurant when one had seats.

Next weekend, I will not go to a Chinese restaurant.



I enjoy going to restaurant to have dinner.

Especially when you are with friends, to have dinner in a restaurant is perfect.

I don’t like invite friends to my home to have dinner.  I am not a good cook.  And, my home is not too large to entertain my friends.

To go to restaurant to have dinner, we can have numerous choices – Chinese food, western food, Japanese food, other Asian food.  And the timing can be at any time we like.

If we need to prepare the food at home, good scheduling is very important.  We have to buy food, prepare it, ready for serving, and clean it.  It is a very time consuming tasks.  I prefer to go out for dinner.

I think this is a typical city girl will do – go out for dinner.