Today I watched a TV program talked about a dancer.

She is in her late twenty.

A few years ago, in a dance rehearsal, an accident happened.  She fell from a 3 metres high stage.  She has to spend the rest of her life in wheel chair.

At first, she rejected the idea that she could not walk again.  She was a top dancer.  She wished that through exercise, she could walk again.

After 6 months, she realised that she should find a new direction for her life.  She took the advice from a doctor – to study for PhD (on dance theory).

She is now with a new life.  She is a teacher in a dancing school to teach hand movement (a part of a dance). 

The TV program wants to bring out that even if we have accidents, we should not give up.  That must be a way out.

Life does have ups and downs.


Rainy day

Today is raining.  It affects my daily schedule.

I planned to have lunch with my sister and her children.  But, because of raining, the appointment was cancelled.

I spent my days reading “freshly pressed”.  I found some interesting articles.

Some articles made me laugh.  I like articles about humour.

After raining stopped, I went out for a walk.

I like the atmosphere after raining.  It is very refresh.

With internet, life is full of excitement.  Even raining cannot affect your enjoyment.