Advantages of having a child

Yesterday, I read an article about children.

The author asked people to list advantages of having a child.

These are what they listed:

– you can have an excuse to build sand castle

– someone to hold your hands everytime you go out

– you can dress the talking, walking doll in anyway you like

– you can experience the “first’ again – first taste of an ice cream, first sight of an elephant

– someone to hug you three times daily – annualise it is 1,000 times

– you can revisit Disneyland again

That article made me laugh.

I would like to capture it here.


I am 4 years old

A month ago, when I had breakfast in a fast food restaurant, I met a little girl.

I found a table for 4.  I was with my husband, so I occupied half a table.

A little girl, who came to restaurant with her mom, occupied the other half.

After her mom went to pick up their food, the little girl started to talk to me.

I asked her how old she was.

She told me she was 4.

When her mom came back, her mom told her not to disturb others.  And her mom told me she was 3.

“She was 3?  She told me she was 4.” I said.

Her mom said that she always add 1 to her age.  She would like to be a bigger girl.

I smiled. 

When we were young, we hoped that we could grow up faster.  When one reached certain age, we hope that we can be younger.

To grow up faster is always little kid’s dream.

Little girl

Yesterday, when I travelled by MTR, I met a little girl.

The girl, around 2 years old, was crying.

She was holding by her mother.  Every time, when her mother tried to put her to a seat, she started crying.

The seat next to her, sat another family, with a little boy, 4 years old.

After passed two stations, the little girl was still crying.  The little boy’s father gave the girl a leaflet with pictures of airplane, flowers and animal. 

The leaflet captured the attention of the little girl.

She stopped crying, and paid attention to the pictures.

The father asked his boy to explain the picture to the little girl.

After three stations, the father and the boy got off the MTR.

The little girl continued to play with the leaflet with her mother.

I sat opposite to these two families.  I felt love.

The father had extended his love of his son to love of other kids.

He did a good thing.

Happy birthday, my little niece

Last Sunday is my little niece birthday.  Now she is 8 years old.

I used to buy her toys and books when she was young.  As she grows up, it is more and more difficult to buy her present.

Last year, I asked her what she wanted for her birthday.  She said that she had no idea, but she did not want stationeries, as she had boxes of stationeries at her home.

I could not recall what I bought for her last year birthday.  This year, I made it simple – I gave her mom some monies to buy whatever she wanted.

Q3 and Q4 will be busy.  My elder nephew will have his 8th birthday in October, while my younger nephew will be 6 in December.  So, it is time to search for presents for little boys.

To buy baby toys is easy, to buy presents for little kid is another issue.  So, I think I will give some monies to their parents to buy whatever they want.


Following the growth of children, children’s need of playground differs.

When my niece and nephew were very young, they liked this kind of playground.

Now, they want to play at playground for bigger kids.

Yes, time flies and children grow.

Last time we went to Snoopyland is a year ago, in last summer vacation.

A few days ago, I proposed to my sister that I will bring her children to Snoopyland next week, when the weather is good.

There is something special for Snoopyland, which distinguish her from other playground.  It has many Snoopy, Charlie Brown characters in the playground.  And, most important, it has balloon toys for children. 

The balloon toys can be in different shape.  Firstly, kid will choose a balloon, in whatever colour he likes, and then request for in a particular shape.  I remember my niece has ordered for a princess crown and a puppy.  My nephew has requested for a bear and a gun.

To go to playground is always happy.  The most important thing is to be a kid at heart.

Space Museum

Today, I revisited Hong Kong Space Museum.

This time, was with my sister and her family.

The two children: one age 7, a girl; one age 5, a boy.

After the visit, we found out that my niece was not interested in the space exhibition.

And my nephew was too young to enjoy the games.

The tour lasted for around an hour.  As my niece did not want to see any space-related movie, we did not go to the theatre.

Last year, I also went to the Hong Kong Science Museum with my sister and her family.  The kids enjoyed the magic mirrors and the interactive games.  But for too complicated science issues, they were too young to understand.

Summer vacation has not over.  This week my sister plans to go to Hong Kong Disneyland.  I believe my niece and my nephew will have fun there.  My sister says she wants to keep her plan as a surprise to the children, hope they can have more fun.

I have not visited Hong Kong Disneyland for a few years.  Last time I visited was 5 years ago.

As my sister has bought an annual pass for her family, I am considering whether I should buy one.

Everyone wish to have fun.  That is why theme park is always with visitors.

A day with my nephew

In this summer, I spent a day with my nephew, Jacky, age 7.

He is a clever boy.  When he made fun of you, he would have a tricky smile on his face.

This day, we visited the Hong Kong Space Museum.

I scheduled to bring him to see a movie on aeroplane, but he rejected.

He chose to see a movie of space.

When he went into the theatre, he explored everything – the control panel of the earphone (to choose different language and volume) and of course, the earphone.

When watching the movie, when some familiar stars appear, he was excited.  He told me the name of the star.  He likes the floating of food in space.  I think he enjoyed every moment of the movie.

After the movie, we went to see the space exhibition.  He tried some games, including pick up of stone using a mechanic arm (to imitate what goes on in Mars), virtual flying with a kite and to hit spots in a movable space chair.  He likes the games.

It is fun with him.  Very lively.

He has great imagination.  When we were in the souvenir shop, he gave me three chances to choose what dinosaur I wanted to be.  Of course, in every occasion, he is a stronger dinosaur that beat me.  Children is like that, they always want to be the winner.

As children grow up quickly, I should bring him out for a fun day when he is still a kid.  When he grows up, he will have his peer group.  Then, he may not want to hangout with his auntie.

I have to admit that I belong to an earlier generation.

Graduation ceremony

A month ago, I attended my nephew’s kindergarten graduation ceremony.

The program lasted for two and a half hours.

The first part was boring – the principal and guests to deliver speech.

I like the second part – children performance.

A teacher and two kindergarten students served as master of ceremony.

My nephew took part in musical show.

Some students performed singing, dancing, ku-fung, fashion show and delivered a story.

To me, of course, I paid full attention to my nephew’s show.  We made a DVD for his kindergarten graduation ceremony – with his performance in video and pictures of the ceremony and performance. 

Graduation ceremony is something one will remember. 

I remember I had my kindergarten graduation. 

I think what makes us remember the ceremonies is the photos. 

When we pick up the photos, all memory comes back.  It is good to see pictures of close friends, our teachers and our classmates.

The latest graduation ceremony I had was with my language class.

One year ago, I completed a nine months language class and had a graduation dinner with my teacher and classmates.  We enjoyed the gathering.

I think I have to wait for a few years for my niece and nephew to grow up and attend their primary school, secondary school and university graduation ceremony.

It does not matter.  Time flies.

Junior Chef, from Australia

In summer, we have many special programs.  Some are targeted at kids.

In July, I watched a show with junior chef from Australia.

The kids are around 8 to 12 years old.  Many of them started to cook when they were 5.  Some said that they wanted to have their own restaurant when they grow up.

It is fun to see kids cook.  You can see the enjoyment and the professional attitude they have.  You can also see the child side of them – when they have problem, they will cry.  It is wonderful to see such young children to cook food with great appearance.  During the show, there is interview with the kids – what they think of the judges, their food preparation, and are they satisfied with their own performance.

This is a competition.  The 50 participants were selected out of 5,500 kids.  From this group, the judges will select top 20 for next round of competition.

I think the food prepared is of high standard.  Good appearance, praise from judges, great potential for young chef.  You can see the happiness of a child when he / she prepared great food.  One also share their worries when the food preparation goes wrong – e.g. something burned.  The judges are very kind, always offer help to them.  The junior chef is a brilliant next generation.

I really like to thanks those who prepared this program.

Summer fun with kids

After I became an auntie, I started to love kids.

A kids’ smile makes me happy, I do not know why.

This summer, I spent a few days with kids.

The first I would like to talk about is teach English to non-English speaking kids.

I served as a volunteer teaching assistant to teach children English.  We believe practice makes perfect.  So, after the teacher delivered her lecture, all students were divided into small groups and had big brother and big sister (the teaching assistants) to practice English with them. 

Sometimes, it is to practice oral English.  Sometimes, it is to complete a sentence based on pictures and words provided.  The role of teaching assistant is to help them to complete their assignment.

One thing I did not expect is children sang hello song and goodbye song to every teacher and teaching assistant.  So, I have my own song: “Hello, hello, Ms Terrybear, Ms Terrybear, Ms. Terrybear.  Hello, hello, Ms Terrybear.  Hello to you.”  It is the first time I have my own song.  Happy!

Another program I joined is to play games with kids.  The centre provided computer game, UNO, Monopoly and other types of games for children to play with.  Children were happy and enjoyed their playtime.  That event was very special: we had local kids and ethnic minority kids to play together.  All of them enjoyed the company of each other.

The third event I participated is outings with kids.  We played tug-a-war, made sand craft and grass dolls and practiced arrow shooting.  Centre staff were nice and friendly.  We enjoyed a happy day.

In another event, we visited a sewage treatment centre.  A centre staff served as a guide and gave us briefing.  We had a tour around different stages of sewage treatment.  Each child was assigned a volunteer, to ensure everyone was accompanied during the sewage treatment centre visit.  Kids enjoyed the computer games and the visit.

To play with kids is having fun.  In future, I would not miss a chance to play with kids.