Saturday morning

Normally, I will arrange something to do for my Saturday morning.

This Saturday morning, I will attend a seminar.

I enjoy attending seminar.  It is an active learning process and we can learn a lot through a 3 hours workshop.

You can tell whether the speaker meets your requirement within the first 5 minutes.

Some speakers talk a lot, but without any knowledge transfer.

Some are lecturing something outside the topic – you would think that you have gone to a wrong class.

Some are very good, they can transfer their knowledge and working experience to you.

So, let us see what today’s seminar is good or not.



When I select jobs, I prefer to work in areas where the MTR has direct access.

I do not like transport by bus.  Arrival time is difficult to estimate.  It really depend on the traffic condition.

To transport by MTR is more convenient.  You can check on website what is the estimated arrival time, and plan your schedule accordingly.

Sometimes, it is job selects us.  Not we select job.

So, there is times when our working location is not too convenient.

We have to accept it.

Saturday morning

This Saturday morning, I attended a negotiation skill seminar.

The course is nearly full class, with 37 participants.

The speaker is from a training institute, with 1.5 hours on theory, and 1 hour on case study.

After the class, I discussed negotiation skills with some friends.

They said that negotiation skills is now a hot topic for management training, as negotiation is essential in daily work life.

For the seminar, some points I agree and some points I disagree.  I am not a specialist on negotiation skills, I hope that I can have further training with other speakers.

I really enjoy the case study session.  We have a chance to discuss our point of view and exchange idea.  We can practice negotiation skills.