I am 4 years old

A month ago, when I had breakfast in a fast food restaurant, I met a little girl.

I found a table for 4.  I was with my husband, so I occupied half a table.

A little girl, who came to restaurant with her mom, occupied the other half.

After her mom went to pick up their food, the little girl started to talk to me.

I asked her how old she was.

She told me she was 4.

When her mom came back, her mom told her not to disturb others.  And her mom told me she was 3.

“She was 3?  She told me she was 4.” I said.

Her mom said that she always add 1 to her age.  She would like to be a bigger girl.

I smiled. 

When we were young, we hoped that we could grow up faster.  When one reached certain age, we hope that we can be younger.

To grow up faster is always little kid’s dream.