Little girl

Yesterday, when I travelled by MTR, I met a little girl.

The girl, around 2 years old, was crying.

She was holding by her mother.  Every time, when her mother tried to put her to a seat, she started crying.

The seat next to her, sat another family, with a little boy, 4 years old.

After passed two stations, the little girl was still crying.  The little boy’s father gave the girl a leaflet with pictures of airplane, flowers and animal. 

The leaflet captured the attention of the little girl.

She stopped crying, and paid attention to the pictures.

The father asked his boy to explain the picture to the little girl.

After three stations, the father and the boy got off the MTR.

The little girl continued to play with the leaflet with her mother.

I sat opposite to these two families.  I felt love.

The father had extended his love of his son to love of other kids.

He did a good thing.