Happy birthday, my little niece

Last Sunday is my little niece birthday.  Now she is 8 years old.

I used to buy her toys and books when she was young.  As she grows up, it is more and more difficult to buy her present.

Last year, I asked her what she wanted for her birthday.  She said that she had no idea, but she did not want stationeries, as she had boxes of stationeries at her home.

I could not recall what I bought for her last year birthday.  This year, I made it simple – I gave her mom some monies to buy whatever she wanted.

Q3 and Q4 will be busy.  My elder nephew will have his 8th birthday in October, while my younger nephew will be 6 in December.  So, it is time to search for presents for little boys.

To buy baby toys is easy, to buy presents for little kid is another issue.  So, I think I will give some monies to their parents to buy whatever they want.