Following the growth of children, children’s need of playground differs.

When my niece and nephew were very young, they liked this kind of playground.

Now, they want to play at playground for bigger kids.

Yes, time flies and children grow.

Last time we went to Snoopyland is a year ago, in last summer vacation.

A few days ago, I proposed to my sister that I will bring her children to Snoopyland next week, when the weather is good.

There is something special for Snoopyland, which distinguish her from other playground.  It has many Snoopy, Charlie Brown characters in the playground.  And, most important, it has balloon toys for children. 

The balloon toys can be in different shape.  Firstly, kid will choose a balloon, in whatever colour he likes, and then request for in a particular shape.  I remember my niece has ordered for a princess crown and a puppy.  My nephew has requested for a bear and a gun.

To go to playground is always happy.  The most important thing is to be a kid at heart.