Disney character

Well, I think I am too old to like any Disney character.

I am not grown up with Disney cartoon.  I do not have any particular favour of Disney character.

I started to like Disney characters since my first visit to Disneyland.

It is different when you encounter a Disney character in real life.

I think that they are lovely, and each has its own personality, temper.

My elder nephew likes this one.

I saw this one on a roadshow in Hong Kong.

I do not know what it is for – whether to promote any new theme in the Hong Kong Disneyland or has a new film with the above character.

Three years ago, I bought a toy with the above character to my elder nephew.  My brother said that he liked it very much.

Cars are not girls’ favour, at least not for me.  I prefer Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, and the little pig.

Today is occasional raining, and sometimes with sunshine.  I have not called my sister to check whether she goes to Disneyland or not.  May be I ask her when I meet her.