Space Museum

Today, I revisited Hong Kong Space Museum.

This time, was with my sister and her family.

The two children: one age 7, a girl; one age 5, a boy.

After the visit, we found out that my niece was not interested in the space exhibition.

And my nephew was too young to enjoy the games.

The tour lasted for around an hour.  As my niece did not want to see any space-related movie, we did not go to the theatre.

Last year, I also went to the Hong Kong Science Museum with my sister and her family.  The kids enjoyed the magic mirrors and the interactive games.  But for too complicated science issues, they were too young to understand.

Summer vacation has not over.  This week my sister plans to go to Hong Kong Disneyland.  I believe my niece and my nephew will have fun there.  My sister says she wants to keep her plan as a surprise to the children, hope they can have more fun.

I have not visited Hong Kong Disneyland for a few years.  Last time I visited was 5 years ago.

As my sister has bought an annual pass for her family, I am considering whether I should buy one.

Everyone wish to have fun.  That is why theme park is always with visitors.