A day with my nephew

In this summer, I spent a day with my nephew, Jacky, age 7.

He is a clever boy.  When he made fun of you, he would have a tricky smile on his face.

This day, we visited the Hong Kong Space Museum.

I scheduled to bring him to see a movie on aeroplane, but he rejected.

He chose to see a movie of space.

When he went into the theatre, he explored everything – the control panel of the earphone (to choose different language and volume) and of course, the earphone.

When watching the movie, when some familiar stars appear, he was excited.  He told me the name of the star.  He likes the floating of food in space.  I think he enjoyed every moment of the movie.

After the movie, we went to see the space exhibition.  He tried some games, including pick up of stone using a mechanic arm (to imitate what goes on in Mars), virtual flying with a kite and to hit spots in a movable space chair.  He likes the games.

It is fun with him.  Very lively.

He has great imagination.  When we were in the souvenir shop, he gave me three chances to choose what dinosaur I wanted to be.  Of course, in every occasion, he is a stronger dinosaur that beat me.  Children is like that, they always want to be the winner.

As children grow up quickly, I should bring him out for a fun day when he is still a kid.  When he grows up, he will have his peer group.  Then, he may not want to hangout with his auntie.

I have to admit that I belong to an earlier generation.