That is a steelman I met in Korea, which made me smile.

I used to smile, polite smile.

Now, I easily burst into laughter.

I think it is due to change in attitude – more relaxing, easy going.

Last weekend, at home watching television.

Weekend program was “Underdog”, a kid’s film.

I have watched this film before.  I am attracted to re-watch it due to the promotion.

When the underdog said “give the dog your food”, it made me laugh.  When the underdog acted as a superdog, to punish bad guys, it made me laugh.  We need something for us to laugh, have fun of.

That is why I enjoy watching America’s funnest video.  I like kids and animals most.  I think that they are adorable.

In real life, there are many things we need to worry of.  So, in spare time, we need something to help us relax.  That is why comedy is always welcome.