Graduation ceremony

A month ago, I attended my nephew’s kindergarten graduation ceremony.

The program lasted for two and a half hours.

The first part was boring – the principal and guests to deliver speech.

I like the second part – children performance.

A teacher and two kindergarten students served as master of ceremony.

My nephew took part in musical show.

Some students performed singing, dancing, ku-fung, fashion show and delivered a story.

To me, of course, I paid full attention to my nephew’s show.  We made a DVD for his kindergarten graduation ceremony – with his performance in video and pictures of the ceremony and performance. 

Graduation ceremony is something one will remember. 

I remember I had my kindergarten graduation. 

I think what makes us remember the ceremonies is the photos. 

When we pick up the photos, all memory comes back.  It is good to see pictures of close friends, our teachers and our classmates.

The latest graduation ceremony I had was with my language class.

One year ago, I completed a nine months language class and had a graduation dinner with my teacher and classmates.  We enjoyed the gathering.

I think I have to wait for a few years for my niece and nephew to grow up and attend their primary school, secondary school and university graduation ceremony.

It does not matter.  Time flies.