Volunteer opportunities

I never heard the term “volunteer opportunities” until I became a volunteer this year.

I have joined three NGOs – one as voluntary consultant on strategic planning, one for community services and the third one for cultural exchange program.

I enjoyed the challenges in strategic planning.  In school, I studied vision, mission and values.  When I started to work, I had chances for application.

We had three workshops for strategic planning.  Voluntary consultants worked in team to provide assistance to CEO of NGO.  We were advised that it was the CEO to design their strategic planning, not the consultants.  The CEO must be the owner of the strategic plan, they need to sell the plan to the board and other stakeholders.  After completion of the workshops, NGO redrafted their vision and mission statements. 

I also met some new friends in the strategic planning workshops.  Staff and volunteers from NGO and other volunteer consultants are nice people to work with.

The second volunteer opportunities I joined are community services.  I participated in fund raising event, teach English, play with kids and dog walking.  Volunteers come from all over the world – England, North Ireland, Spain, America, Canada, Singapore and Hong Kong.  We have fun doing the community services.

To join community services is easy, just register as a member and sign up for the volunteer opportunity in the internet.  No need to visit the NGO, very convenient.

I learn about the third NGO through a strategic planning workshop.  This NGO involves with cultural exchange program.  I like their volunteer system.  They divided into four groups: parents team, recruitment team, support team and volunteer development team.  They have a time table for their volunteer program – in which month, they will perform what activities.  It assists volunteer to plan which activities to join.  I believe I will love this volunteer opportunity.

I will attend the volunteer induction program this Sunday.

To participate in volunteer work is fulfilling.  If you have time, please join us.