One blog I subscribed disappeared.  I am not sure whether the travel is ended or why.  It has been not releasing new post for 3 days.

I discovered this blog accidentally, when I was viewing new post.  The travel blog is very interesting, so I subscribe it.

I have been reading it for a month.  It seems missing something when no more new post from the blog.

Today, I have enrolled for 2 volunteer opportunities, not too bad luck.

So, I will enjoy my new volunteer experience, to compensate for the loss of reading blog.


Freshly pressed

I really enjoy reading freshly pressed.

At first, I would read the whole article.

Now, because there is many articles, I prefer to see the photos.

I prefer something simple and easy to read.

I also found some blogs I like (and followed) from freshly pressed.

Blogs I followed include life, travel and humor.

I like something positive, to increase my daily happiness.

A day at the beach

Today I served as a volunteer to help outing at a beach.


We have around 40 participants – mother and child, with 3 centre staff and 3 volunteers.

We arrived the beach at around 2:30 p.m.  The beach was with not too many people.  We managed to find a place around a tree with plenty of space to occupy 50 people.

Both mother and child had a great time.  We shared food and drink.  Children played with sands. 

I found that it is difficult to photo babies.  For young kid, you can ask them to look at the camera, but for babies, may be you take 5 pictures, and only 1 picture with the baby looking at the camera.  Fortunately, I still get some pictures that we can recognise who this baby is.

I really enjoy the outing.


I spent the whole Saturday afternoon shopping.

At first, we shopped at interior decoration material shops.  These include doors, bathroom supplies and furniture.  Many new designs we have not seen before.  Quite a good exposure on modern design.

Later, we went to shops sell bags.  There are two to three bags that we like, but still not the perfect one.  We decided to continue shopping on Sunday.

Between shopping, we went to cafe to take a rest.  We ordered tea sets.  The experience was quite enjoyable.  Good food and a quiet place to relax.

We bought some clothing, at very economy price.  It is always inexpensive to buy clothing on sales season.

I quite enjoy the shopping experience, not too tired.  So, let us continue the shopping tomorrow.

Saturday morning

This Saturday morning, I attended a negotiation skill seminar.

The course is nearly full class, with 37 participants.

The speaker is from a training institute, with 1.5 hours on theory, and 1 hour on case study.

After the class, I discussed negotiation skills with some friends.

They said that negotiation skills is now a hot topic for management training, as negotiation is essential in daily work life.

For the seminar, some points I agree and some points I disagree.  I am not a specialist on negotiation skills, I hope that I can have further training with other speakers.

I really enjoy the case study session.  We have a chance to discuss our point of view and exchange idea.  We can practice negotiation skills.

Television program

Today, I am very busy watching television programs, almost forget to write my blog.

So, as I have committed to myself, I will write a blog on daily basis.

Now is 23:09, a whole day has almost gone.

I just finished watching a detective program.  This is a new series of program, not as good as the program before.

May be due to daily life is boring, we like watching detective program.

My another favour is travel program.  I watched one on travel the world in a year’s time, fund raising for charity.  The countries he went were not traveller’s hot spot, so, quite a different type of travel program.

I also like entertainment program, the kind that made me laugh.  My most favourite program is home video program, especially with kid or puppy.

Television programs make us happy, provide us excitement.  That is what it is for.

Happy birthday, my little niece

Last Sunday is my little niece birthday.  Now she is 8 years old.

I used to buy her toys and books when she was young.  As she grows up, it is more and more difficult to buy her present.

Last year, I asked her what she wanted for her birthday.  She said that she had no idea, but she did not want stationeries, as she had boxes of stationeries at her home.

I could not recall what I bought for her last year birthday.  This year, I made it simple – I gave her mom some monies to buy whatever she wanted.

Q3 and Q4 will be busy.  My elder nephew will have his 8th birthday in October, while my younger nephew will be 6 in December.  So, it is time to search for presents for little boys.

To buy baby toys is easy, to buy presents for little kid is another issue.  So, I think I will give some monies to their parents to buy whatever they want.

This summer

Summer has passed half way through.  I think it is time to summarise what I have done for this summer.

This summer, I started to do volunteer work.  I gain a lot from volunteer work – new friends, new experience.  I enjoy working with children.

I also started my blogging.  This is my 30th posts.  To me, it is a milestone.  At least, I still working wholeheartedly to write my blog.  Keep up.

I have not gone to beach this summer.

Next week, I will go to the beach with women in shelter (a volunteer task). 

Social worker said that it would be a barbecue in the beach.

I believe I will enjoy this outing.

Sort baby supplies

Last week I went to sort baby supplies, a volunteer task.

The centre is for women in shelter.  On monthly basis, volunteers will come and sort baby supplies for the centre.

Donations are sorted into boys and girls 0 – 3 months, 3 – 6 months, 6 – 9 months, 9 months – 1 year, 1 year – 2 year, and 3 year (sub-grouped into summer clothing and winter clothing), mother clothing, towels and sheets, drinking utensils and toys.

We had two volunteers worked on that morning.  We worked for 3 hours.

Baby clothing is very lovely, especially for new-born baby.  T-shirt and dress for small kids are very cute.  It is good to hear that so many people would donate baby supplies to the centre.

Social worker said that this may become a regular program of volunteer task. 

I look forward to the next participation.


I like lighting.

For practical reason, for decoration reason, lighting can make a home looks more beautiful.

Nowadays, interior designers use lighting to change the atmosphere of a house.

It is also used for exterior decoration.

Many year ago, hotel started to use lighting to decorate trees.

At first, it was for Christmas decoration.  Later, because of people like this kind of lighting, it is for everyday decoration.

Thanks for lighting.  It helps us to read, to work at night, to celebrate.  It is something that we must have in our everyday life.