I like adventure, although I do not have the luxury to travel around frequently.

It does not matter.  I have friends.  I can share their experience.  Some of my friends enjoy travelling.  They only went to some places that are not easily travel to, and sometimes they took one month no pay leave to complete their journey.  They said that they have to travel when they are young.  When they are older, they may not be physical fit to travel to remote areas.

Although I am a dreamer, I prefer to sit in a tourist bus to travel rather than to plan for my own journey.

It is happy to see other’s photos.  It gives you a feeling that you have chance to go somewhere.  I like travel.  I have gone to China, Macau, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, United States and South Africa.  But there are also many places I have not been.  To see documentary, travel guide and photos from friends are great pleasure to me.

I love travelling.

When I am on a road, I enjoy sight seeing.  Every second, the screen outside are different.  It may be a mountain, a street, a beautiful building, or a smiling child.  I enjoy every moment of a journey.  Of course, we need company.  If I am surrounded by good friends, it would be perfect.  Sometimes, it would be difficult.  Every one has different holiday schedule.  So, to share pictures is good enough for me.

I like meeting people in my journey.

When I travel with a tourist guide, we will have some free time, say an hour, to walk around in the tourist spot.  It gives me a chance to meet local people.  When I walk into a local shop to buy souvenir, to have afternoon tea in a local cafe, it is great time to meet people.  To see how they dress, how they walk, how they talk, can all gives you a feeling of what kind of people they are.

To take photos at tourist spot is another enjoyment.

If one really wants to take picture at a landmark, one has to be patient.  Normally, tourist spot is full of people.  It is only good luck that you can take a picture with only you and the landmark.  So, sometimes we have to bear that our picture also includes other tourists.  I sometimes wait for tourists to leave and then take a picture quickly.  I like taking photos.  It helps us to remember where we have been. 

To me, life is an adventure.  Let us enjoy every adventure we have.