Junior Chef, from Australia

In summer, we have many special programs.  Some are targeted at kids.

In July, I watched a show with junior chef from Australia.

The kids are around 8 to 12 years old.  Many of them started to cook when they were 5.  Some said that they wanted to have their own restaurant when they grow up.

It is fun to see kids cook.  You can see the enjoyment and the professional attitude they have.  You can also see the child side of them – when they have problem, they will cry.  It is wonderful to see such young children to cook food with great appearance.  During the show, there is interview with the kids – what they think of the judges, their food preparation, and are they satisfied with their own performance.

This is a competition.  The 50 participants were selected out of 5,500 kids.  From this group, the judges will select top 20 for next round of competition.

I think the food prepared is of high standard.  Good appearance, praise from judges, great potential for young chef.  You can see the happiness of a child when he / she prepared great food.  One also share their worries when the food preparation goes wrong – e.g. something burned.  The judges are very kind, always offer help to them.  The junior chef is a brilliant next generation.

I really like to thanks those who prepared this program.