Summer fun with kids

After I became an auntie, I started to love kids.

A kids’ smile makes me happy, I do not know why.

This summer, I spent a few days with kids.

The first I would like to talk about is teach English to non-English speaking kids.

I served as a volunteer teaching assistant to teach children English.  We believe practice makes perfect.  So, after the teacher delivered her lecture, all students were divided into small groups and had big brother and big sister (the teaching assistants) to practice English with them. 

Sometimes, it is to practice oral English.  Sometimes, it is to complete a sentence based on pictures and words provided.  The role of teaching assistant is to help them to complete their assignment.

One thing I did not expect is children sang hello song and goodbye song to every teacher and teaching assistant.  So, I have my own song: “Hello, hello, Ms Terrybear, Ms Terrybear, Ms. Terrybear.  Hello, hello, Ms Terrybear.  Hello to you.”  It is the first time I have my own song.  Happy!

Another program I joined is to play games with kids.  The centre provided computer game, UNO, Monopoly and other types of games for children to play with.  Children were happy and enjoyed their playtime.  That event was very special: we had local kids and ethnic minority kids to play together.  All of them enjoyed the company of each other.

The third event I participated is outings with kids.  We played tug-a-war, made sand craft and grass dolls and practiced arrow shooting.  Centre staff were nice and friendly.  We enjoyed a happy day.

In another event, we visited a sewage treatment centre.  A centre staff served as a guide and gave us briefing.  We had a tour around different stages of sewage treatment.  Each child was assigned a volunteer, to ensure everyone was accompanied during the sewage treatment centre visit.  Kids enjoyed the computer games and the visit.

To play with kids is having fun.  In future, I would not miss a chance to play with kids.