Garfield is a cartoon character.

A year ago, when I watched the movie in television, I did not like it.  I found Garfield very annoying.  But when I watched the cartoon TV series, I liked it.

I like colourful cartoon.  I heard that because kids need stimulation, cartoon for yound child is in bright colour.  As a big kid myself, I also enjoy watching cartoon. 

Watching cartoon is very relaxing.  In cartoon, they do not have the complex situation of real life, and most important, good people are rewarded while bad people are punished.  I like the simplicity of cartoon.

My favourate cartoon includes toy story and monsters inc.  I have watched toy story for many times.  I like all three series, toy story 1, toy story 2 and toy story 3.  For characters, just saying the appearance, I like toy story 3 the old bear.  Of course, for personality, I like the cowboy most.  I also like the dinosaur.  He is always happy.

On colour scheme, I like Garfield most.  The house, the street, his world is full of bright colour.  It makes me happy.  In real world, we will not paint our house in that colour, except for children room.  We would prefer our home in warm colour, provide relaxation to us after a long day of hard work.

I am not sure why, as I grow older, I prefer TV series, movies, rather than books.  When I was young, I enjoyed reading books.  May be due to not enough time, now I prefer to know the whole story in a short time, in an hour TV show or in three hour movie.  I do not have the patient to read through a 300 pages book. 

That provides me another reason to love Garfield.  Garfield TV series is all short stories.  You can use 15 minutes to complete a story, that makes me happy.  Each program contains two stories.

I highly recommend you to watch Garfield.