First day

This is my first day to write a blog.

I intend to write it on daily basis.  This is to practice my writing skill, to train myself on self discipline to complete something on schedule, and to fulfill the desire of self accomplishment.

When I was younger, I did not like flower.  Now, I appreciate the beauty of flower, and sometimes addict to flowery pattern.  Is it due to aging?  I do not have the answer.

One year ago, I commenced to photo flower.  I did not have a powerful camera, so I captured the image with my iPhone.  The quality of pictures is not so good, but to me, acceptable.  As I am not a professional photographer, I just need to have an image, an iPhone is handy.

Life is good to me.  Up to now, no big illness.  Life do have ups and downs.  Even when I was down, I still had good friends to turn to, to rely on.  Now, I even have flowers to accompany me.

The place I live has a beautiful garden, with many types of flowers and trees.  I love the smell of nature, especially after raining.  The kind of freshness cannot be found in a sunny day.  Flowers and trees make big picture.  Walking in a path with trees aside give me a feeling of relaxation.  Every alternative day, I enjoy walking in the path.

In last week, due to thunderstorm warning, I could not have my exercise in the garden.  In summer time, thunderstorm is very common.  The best season for walking is autumn – not too hot, and not too cold.  At other seasons, sometimes we need to change our plan – to have the walking inside a mall.

Now, it is time for my afternoon walk.  I really like this website, it has word count function.  I do not need to count how many words I have written.

This is the end of my first day blog.  I love it.