I like adventure, although I do not have the luxury to travel around frequently.

It does not matter.  I have friends.  I can share their experience.  Some of my friends enjoy travelling.  They only went to some places that are not easily travel to, and sometimes they took one month no pay leave to complete their journey.  They said that they have to travel when they are young.  When they are older, they may not be physical fit to travel to remote areas.

Although I am a dreamer, I prefer to sit in a tourist bus to travel rather than to plan for my own journey.

It is happy to see other’s photos.  It gives you a feeling that you have chance to go somewhere.  I like travel.  I have gone to China, Macau, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, United States and South Africa.  But there are also many places I have not been.  To see documentary, travel guide and photos from friends are great pleasure to me.

I love travelling.

When I am on a road, I enjoy sight seeing.  Every second, the screen outside are different.  It may be a mountain, a street, a beautiful building, or a smiling child.  I enjoy every moment of a journey.  Of course, we need company.  If I am surrounded by good friends, it would be perfect.  Sometimes, it would be difficult.  Every one has different holiday schedule.  So, to share pictures is good enough for me.

I like meeting people in my journey.

When I travel with a tourist guide, we will have some free time, say an hour, to walk around in the tourist spot.  It gives me a chance to meet local people.  When I walk into a local shop to buy souvenir, to have afternoon tea in a local cafe, it is great time to meet people.  To see how they dress, how they walk, how they talk, can all gives you a feeling of what kind of people they are.

To take photos at tourist spot is another enjoyment.

If one really wants to take picture at a landmark, one has to be patient.  Normally, tourist spot is full of people.  It is only good luck that you can take a picture with only you and the landmark.  So, sometimes we have to bear that our picture also includes other tourists.  I sometimes wait for tourists to leave and then take a picture quickly.  I like taking photos.  It helps us to remember where we have been. 

To me, life is an adventure.  Let us enjoy every adventure we have.


Junior Chef, from Australia

In summer, we have many special programs.  Some are targeted at kids.

In July, I watched a show with junior chef from Australia.

The kids are around 8 to 12 years old.  Many of them started to cook when they were 5.  Some said that they wanted to have their own restaurant when they grow up.

It is fun to see kids cook.  You can see the enjoyment and the professional attitude they have.  You can also see the child side of them – when they have problem, they will cry.  It is wonderful to see such young children to cook food with great appearance.  During the show, there is interview with the kids – what they think of the judges, their food preparation, and are they satisfied with their own performance.

This is a competition.  The 50 participants were selected out of 5,500 kids.  From this group, the judges will select top 20 for next round of competition.

I think the food prepared is of high standard.  Good appearance, praise from judges, great potential for young chef.  You can see the happiness of a child when he / she prepared great food.  One also share their worries when the food preparation goes wrong – e.g. something burned.  The judges are very kind, always offer help to them.  The junior chef is a brilliant next generation.

I really like to thanks those who prepared this program.

Historic building

A few days ago, I visited a historic building.

The historic building was formerly a high court, and then served as a legislative council building.  In autumn, it will be transformed to a supreme court.

We have visited the main meeting area and the council member lounge.  I liked the interior design.

At the entrance of the lounge, they have a very special drum.

At the outside of the building, they have a long corridor.

It is great to have a historic building in a modern city.

Summer fun with kids

After I became an auntie, I started to love kids.

A kids’ smile makes me happy, I do not know why.

This summer, I spent a few days with kids.

The first I would like to talk about is teach English to non-English speaking kids.

I served as a volunteer teaching assistant to teach children English.  We believe practice makes perfect.  So, after the teacher delivered her lecture, all students were divided into small groups and had big brother and big sister (the teaching assistants) to practice English with them. 

Sometimes, it is to practice oral English.  Sometimes, it is to complete a sentence based on pictures and words provided.  The role of teaching assistant is to help them to complete their assignment.

One thing I did not expect is children sang hello song and goodbye song to every teacher and teaching assistant.  So, I have my own song: “Hello, hello, Ms Terrybear, Ms Terrybear, Ms. Terrybear.  Hello, hello, Ms Terrybear.  Hello to you.”  It is the first time I have my own song.  Happy!

Another program I joined is to play games with kids.  The centre provided computer game, UNO, Monopoly and other types of games for children to play with.  Children were happy and enjoyed their playtime.  That event was very special: we had local kids and ethnic minority kids to play together.  All of them enjoyed the company of each other.

The third event I participated is outings with kids.  We played tug-a-war, made sand craft and grass dolls and practiced arrow shooting.  Centre staff were nice and friendly.  We enjoyed a happy day.

In another event, we visited a sewage treatment centre.  A centre staff served as a guide and gave us briefing.  We had a tour around different stages of sewage treatment.  Each child was assigned a volunteer, to ensure everyone was accompanied during the sewage treatment centre visit.  Kids enjoyed the computer games and the visit.

To play with kids is having fun.  In future, I would not miss a chance to play with kids.


Garfield is a cartoon character.

A year ago, when I watched the movie in television, I did not like it.  I found Garfield very annoying.  But when I watched the cartoon TV series, I liked it.

I like colourful cartoon.  I heard that because kids need stimulation, cartoon for yound child is in bright colour.  As a big kid myself, I also enjoy watching cartoon. 

Watching cartoon is very relaxing.  In cartoon, they do not have the complex situation of real life, and most important, good people are rewarded while bad people are punished.  I like the simplicity of cartoon.

My favourate cartoon includes toy story and monsters inc.  I have watched toy story for many times.  I like all three series, toy story 1, toy story 2 and toy story 3.  For characters, just saying the appearance, I like toy story 3 the old bear.  Of course, for personality, I like the cowboy most.  I also like the dinosaur.  He is always happy.

On colour scheme, I like Garfield most.  The house, the street, his world is full of bright colour.  It makes me happy.  In real world, we will not paint our house in that colour, except for children room.  We would prefer our home in warm colour, provide relaxation to us after a long day of hard work.

I am not sure why, as I grow older, I prefer TV series, movies, rather than books.  When I was young, I enjoyed reading books.  May be due to not enough time, now I prefer to know the whole story in a short time, in an hour TV show or in three hour movie.  I do not have the patient to read through a 300 pages book. 

That provides me another reason to love Garfield.  Garfield TV series is all short stories.  You can use 15 minutes to complete a story, that makes me happy.  Each program contains two stories.

I highly recommend you to watch Garfield.

First day

This is my first day to write a blog.

I intend to write it on daily basis.  This is to practice my writing skill, to train myself on self discipline to complete something on schedule, and to fulfill the desire of self accomplishment.

When I was younger, I did not like flower.  Now, I appreciate the beauty of flower, and sometimes addict to flowery pattern.  Is it due to aging?  I do not have the answer.

One year ago, I commenced to photo flower.  I did not have a powerful camera, so I captured the image with my iPhone.  The quality of pictures is not so good, but to me, acceptable.  As I am not a professional photographer, I just need to have an image, an iPhone is handy.

Life is good to me.  Up to now, no big illness.  Life do have ups and downs.  Even when I was down, I still had good friends to turn to, to rely on.  Now, I even have flowers to accompany me.

The place I live has a beautiful garden, with many types of flowers and trees.  I love the smell of nature, especially after raining.  The kind of freshness cannot be found in a sunny day.  Flowers and trees make big picture.  Walking in a path with trees aside give me a feeling of relaxation.  Every alternative day, I enjoy walking in the path.

In last week, due to thunderstorm warning, I could not have my exercise in the garden.  In summer time, thunderstorm is very common.  The best season for walking is autumn – not too hot, and not too cold.  At other seasons, sometimes we need to change our plan – to have the walking inside a mall.

Now, it is time for my afternoon walk.  I really like this website, it has word count function.  I do not need to count how many words I have written.

This is the end of my first day blog.  I love it.