Discover Germany

A month ago, I discovered a very good website:

It contains German TV programs.  From which, I am a fan of “Discover Germany – the travel guide”.

It is a 30 minutes weekly program, divided into 4 sections.

Section 1 is about a specific city.

Section 2 is insider tips provided by a local resident – which museum to visit, which restaurant to go to.

Section 3 is tours to another city.

Section 4 is a German city from the eyes of a foreign tourist.

I enjoyed this program very much.  Hope you like it too.


Saturday morning

Normally, I will arrange something to do for my Saturday morning.

This Saturday morning, I will attend a seminar.

I enjoy attending seminar.  It is an active learning process and we can learn a lot through a 3 hours workshop.

You can tell whether the speaker meets your requirement within the first 5 minutes.

Some speakers talk a lot, but without any knowledge transfer.

Some are lecturing something outside the topic – you would think that you have gone to a wrong class.

Some are very good, they can transfer their knowledge and working experience to you.

So, let us see what today’s seminar is good or not.

Advantages of having a child

Yesterday, I read an article about children.

The author asked people to list advantages of having a child.

These are what they listed:

– you can have an excuse to build sand castle

– someone to hold your hands everytime you go out

– you can dress the talking, walking doll in anyway you like

– you can experience the “first’ again – first taste of an ice cream, first sight of an elephant

– someone to hug you three times daily – annualise it is 1,000 times

– you can revisit Disneyland again

That article made me laugh.

I would like to capture it here.

I am 4 years old

A month ago, when I had breakfast in a fast food restaurant, I met a little girl.

I found a table for 4.  I was with my husband, so I occupied half a table.

A little girl, who came to restaurant with her mom, occupied the other half.

After her mom went to pick up their food, the little girl started to talk to me.

I asked her how old she was.

She told me she was 4.

When her mom came back, her mom told her not to disturb others.  And her mom told me she was 3.

“She was 3?  She told me she was 4.” I said.

Her mom said that she always add 1 to her age.  She would like to be a bigger girl.

I smiled. 

When we were young, we hoped that we could grow up faster.  When one reached certain age, we hope that we can be younger.

To grow up faster is always little kid’s dream.

Little girl

Yesterday, when I travelled by MTR, I met a little girl.

The girl, around 2 years old, was crying.

She was holding by her mother.  Every time, when her mother tried to put her to a seat, she started crying.

The seat next to her, sat another family, with a little boy, 4 years old.

After passed two stations, the little girl was still crying.  The little boy’s father gave the girl a leaflet with pictures of airplane, flowers and animal. 

The leaflet captured the attention of the little girl.

She stopped crying, and paid attention to the pictures.

The father asked his boy to explain the picture to the little girl.

After three stations, the father and the boy got off the MTR.

The little girl continued to play with the leaflet with her mother.

I sat opposite to these two families.  I felt love.

The father had extended his love of his son to love of other kids.

He did a good thing.


When I select jobs, I prefer to work in areas where the MTR has direct access.

I do not like transport by bus.  Arrival time is difficult to estimate.  It really depend on the traffic condition.

To transport by MTR is more convenient.  You can check on website what is the estimated arrival time, and plan your schedule accordingly.

Sometimes, it is job selects us.  Not we select job.

So, there is times when our working location is not too convenient.

We have to accept it.

Two weeks before festival

Mid Autumn, is time for the Mid-Autumn Festival in Hong Kong.

It is a traditional Chinese festival.  The whole family will join together to have dinner.

Last Sunday, when I went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner, it already offered special menu for festival.  That means choice of food was limited.

I did not like that.  I prefer restaurant to inform guest that they only offered special menu, so that guest could choose whether they want to have dinner at that place.

It seems odd to walk away from a restaurant when one had seats.

Next weekend, I will not go to a Chinese restaurant.

Primary school

2011/12 school year has started.

My younger nephew is now a primary school student.

He is 5 years and 8 months old.  He graduated from kindergarten in July.  This year is his first year in primary school.

A few months ago, I asked him whether he like to go to school.  He said no.

When he was younger, in kindergarten year 1, he told his mother in 3 years time he would graduate from kindergarten.  Then, he would complete his study, and he could stay home to play.  His elder sister told him that he has to go to primary school to continue his study.  At that time, he knew that his study would not be finished in 3 years time.

This school year started from Sept 1.  I have not called my sister to see how my little nephew behaved in primary school.

May be two weeks later, after the little boy settled in his school, then I will contact them.

Good luck!  Little nephew.


Today I watched a TV program talked about a dancer.

She is in her late twenty.

A few years ago, in a dance rehearsal, an accident happened.  She fell from a 3 metres high stage.  She has to spend the rest of her life in wheel chair.

At first, she rejected the idea that she could not walk again.  She was a top dancer.  She wished that through exercise, she could walk again.

After 6 months, she realised that she should find a new direction for her life.  She took the advice from a doctor – to study for PhD (on dance theory).

She is now with a new life.  She is a teacher in a dancing school to teach hand movement (a part of a dance). 

The TV program wants to bring out that even if we have accidents, we should not give up.  That must be a way out.

Life does have ups and downs.


I need recharge from time to time.

As life can be dull, so I need entertainment and enhancement from time to time.

Besides daily life and work, I need entertainment.

I have my little daily walk in a nearby garden, which helps me relax and provide me some exercise.

I enjoy TV programs – especially travel and humour topics.

I enjoy Word Press Freshly Pressed – provided me with different kinds of information.

I like Bloomberg Financial News and NBC Nightly News.

For self enhancement, I read books and go to library.

I really like the library – not too many people, help me to concentrate to read books.

With entertainment and enhancement, they help me to upkeep my spirit.